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Starlit Memories - doing songs from the shows in costume, taking the audience on a musical journey to stimulate memories and have fun!

Christina has chosen a selection of songs designed to get an audience singing from films, musicals, music hall and including some wartime numbers. They encourage reminiscence and a collective engagement in a group activity which is designed to lift the spirits. She brings a sound system with her which provides backing for all the songs which gives a rich, authentic sound close to the original versions.

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Christina trained at Guildford School of Acting on their musical theatre course. She went on to tour in children’s theatre productions and in more recent years has sung in various bands; having performed in many different types of venues, including a maximum security hospital. As a result, Christina is used to adjusting her performances to suit a wide range of environments and audiences.

Having worked in a care home when she left school Christina found that she felt a strong connection with the elderly residents she worked with and loved hearing their stories about their lives. She follows with great interest the latest findings in research about the therapeutic benefits of music on dementia sufferers and is always looking to improve her knowledge on the subject through professional development sessions on arts and dementia.

The research studies resonate with Christina because she has witnessed some amazing effects of music on those with dementia such as occasions where a person may not be able to articulate speech but starts to sing along to songs word for word. Others who might not often move about may start tapping their fingers along to the music or sometimes a person who may initially show very little expression on their face can suddenly break into a smile that lights up the room!

According to eminent neurology professor Dr. Oliver Sacks:

‘there even seems to be a sort of normal 'reminiscence' or 'recycling' of early musical memories, especially in the aging brain. To help, however, the music must be the right kind for each patient, music that has meaning and evokes feeling for that individual. While singing these patients are able to find a brief but intense sense of community and connectedness with their past lives and perhaps a deep emotional catharsis. This almost universal responsiveness to music is an essential part of our neural nature.' (quote by kind permission of Oliver Sacks, M.D.)

Christina is based in Dorset but the area she covers with her shows extends to Somerset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

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Prices per one hour show range from £50 - £80.
Please inquire by email about the fees as they vary depending on the distance travelled to do a performance.

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Days, evenings, weekends and bank holidays as well as special dates like Christmas and New Year.